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On Aging — De Facto  and De Jure  Style
Scholarly, Critical, Theoretical Academic Librarianship, Leon Howard Style
Aesthetically-Styled Christmas Prose — Re: Introductions
Veterans' Day Election Reflections — John Henry Cardinal Newman Style
Diagramming the American Moment: One Stylish Student Essay
Wherein I Pick Up, Academically, Where I Left Off
Pro Deo et Patria — Father-Called, Father-Sent
Of Studies, Oregon Style
Rocky Mountain High II
Rocky Mountain High I
The Volatile Truth of Our Words
Texas-Style Bovine Epistemology
Hindsight / Foresight / Eyesight
An Artful, Stylish Recommendation
This — Norwegian-Style — February 14th
When It Rains It Pours, In Seattle Superbowl Style
A Style Forever Young and Old — Mozart at 250
Ben Franklin at 300 — Our Colonial PowerPoint Man
My Boilerplate Baptism Unto Death, Seahawk Style
A Slam Dunk for Thomas Mann
Epistolary Happy Holidays
Categorical Imperatives — Holiday Style
Ghostly Veterans-Day Reading Tips
Literacy, Halloween Style
An Ironic Turning Place
Figurative Rhetoric: A Ringing Endorsement
Summary Judgments: The Art of Middle Passages
Wherein I Pick Up, Conservatively, Where I Left Off
Wherein I Briefly Invoke Kenneth Burke's Take on Political Style
In Memoriam, John Lovas — Our Windhover
Teacher, Scholar, Father — Sir James's Modest Accomplishments
Substantively Speaking, All That's Unfit to Print
Wherein Some Administrative Rubber Meets the Pedagogical Road
For the Mind's Ear: On the Harmonies of Style
Nature's Double Bill, Locally and Stylishly Displayed
A Belated May-Day Post — Olds Folk at Home
English Style's Logical Character — William Shakespeare
Historical Drudge Report — Samuel Johnson's 1755 Dictionary
My 1982 Richard Mitchell Interview
The Pen Commandments  and "I've Got a Crush on You"
Musical Paper Grading: Joseph Haydn to the Rescue
Pianoforte-Style: Russell Sherman on Spontaneity and Tension
Analogue : Digital : : Insight : InSite
A White Paper on Clarity
An L.A.-Style, Multicultural, Memorial Weekend
Veni, Vidi, Vici, Ulysses S. Grant Style
Mark Twain's Speaking-Truth-To-Power Style
For the Class That You Showed
Whose Words These Are I Think I Know
Function Follows Form, Indicatively Speaking
The Underground Grammarian — Richard Mitchell
Two Christmas Letters, in Minor and Major Washington Style
Handy-Dandy Rule 22½: Loose but not Lax
Pulp and Paper, Logging the Blog
Soul Music of the Night
Blue Eggs and Spam
De-Voted to Thoreau
My New England Patriotism, Red Green Style
Sartorial Rhetoric
On Student Stylechoice: Naiveté and Irony and GWB
Encouraging Simplicity: Denis Diderot on Style
Veepstake Styles: Family Resemblances from the Rigging Shack
Home on the Range of Texas Gobbledygook
The Last Acquirement of the Educated Mind
Grecian-Formula Style
Punctuated Equilibrium: Louis Menand Takes On Lynne Truss
Better Than It Ever Gets
Retiring Periodicity
Partially in Full Bloom
All Eyes on Ronald Reagan, Ruth-Rockne-Lusetti-Hazlitt Style
The Physician's Oath, Geneva Style
A Lonerganian Précis
Wing to Wing and Oar to Oar
Suspended Sentences
Our Real Mother's Day
Standing Firm on Ceremony
Math and Lit By Artful Dodging
Laughter and the Love of Friends
Good, Better, Best
The Art of Solace
My Foolish Old Baseball Passions
Unto This Last
On Figuring Tropical Turns
Twain, James, Mencken, and the Colloquial Style
Write, Right, Wright, Rite
Marked with the Cross of Literary Criticism
Presidents' Day Thoughts on Christopher Lasch's Plain Style
My Unfashionably "Carlylean" Take on Sartorial Elegance
My Half-Nietzschean Take on Brevity
"We Hold These Truths" on the First-Person Plural
My Students Find "Interesting" Punctuations
From Substance to Style: G. H. Lewes Takes on Immanuel Kant
Returned from California Sun to Washington Snow
A Saving Imagination: The MLA's "Necessary Angel"
Mark, Mark, that Exclamation
Michel Serres Aces the Final
Some Simple Secrets of Longevity
Now Thank We All Our God
Roger Angell on America's Pastime "Gone South"
Twain's Helpful Middle Marks: Colons and Semicolons
Triple Cause for Professional Celebration
Around the Academic Bell Curve in Artful-Scholar Style
The Sweet Sound of Silence
New York Bound
Blue End Note: Louis Menand Sings "Chicago Blues"
Birthday-Baseball Triple Play
On Singular They
Late Night Thoughts on New-World Illiterates, Tutored and Untutored
"Earth" from Bryant Park to Ground Zero
Brent, In Memoriam
Dem Bones — T. S. Eliot Style
Mother Nature — John McPhee Style
Such a Woman — Anniversary Style
Engendering the Science of Style
"This" Again — Thoreau "Revised"
This — By Accident — July 4th
Extreme Unction
Dirty-Hand Style: Henry David Thoreau
Here, Here: Where Have You Been Now?
Cheap Tickets from Track to Field: Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda
Tradition and the Individual Talent: Aristotle Does the Blog
Conservative Soul Substance: H. L. Mencken on Style
Homely Remedy: Dr. Pinker's Prescription
Syttende Mai: L. A. Style
The A & P of Style: Location, Location, Location
Indirection in the King's Road: Edith Wharton on Henry James
May Day! May Day!
Mudflats, Cruise Ships, and Casinos: Where the Wild Thing$ Are
Simeon Strunsky "Edits" Lincoln
Head, Hands, and Heart: Lincoln the Writer
An English Style, Familiar But Not Coarse
Here, Here: Where Have You Been?
Baghdad Encomium
English Eloquence
The Lone and Level Sands
Ten by Ten by Ten
Toward a Definition of Style: Clarity, Emphasis, Tone, Rhythm
Teach Us to Sit Still
Wilsonian Democracy, Finnish-Style: To the Finland Station
A Well Thought-Out English Paper
On Parsing English Justice
Compromising Style: Malcolm Cowley on Socspeak
Valentine's Day Music
Space and Transcendence in Bach's Fantasia in G
Here, Here: Where Have You Been There?
Art, Thought, and Technology on Nicholson Baker's "Up" Escalator
Footnotes: From Low Art to High Science
An Ode Owed to the Low Art of Footnotes
High Style
Rube Goldberg Style
A Lost Eloquence
Christmas Light
Keeping Northwest Books in Style
X-Mas-Letter Blues
Aldo Leopold: Good Oak, Good Cedar, Good History
My Excuse
The Long and Short of Nicholson Baker's U & I
Thinking Thanksgiving
Style as a Test of Truth
The First Grace of Style
A Punny Thing Happened on the Way to . . .
Under the Weather
Saddam Hussein's WMD and J. Robert Oppenheimer's Style
People \ Events \ Ideas \ Implications \ . . .  
For \ Four \ Fore! Philosophical Explanations
I \ Eye \ Aye
Metaphors \ Methods \ Models — Dirty-Hand Style
Doonesbury Does the Blog
T. G. I. Friday's Mourning
Midweek Sunday Morning
Gardening and Writing the Point-Defiance Way
Jacques Barzun "Takes On" Wayward Educationists
October 8th: Historic Birthday(s)
St. Augustine Reading — Silently
(Un)pointed Takes on Style (Mis)delineated
Points on Style's Triangle
Wetting a Line \ Whetting the Points
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