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· October 8th: Historic Birthday(s) ·

Those of you who like Dave Barry may recognize an allusion to American history in my title. October 8th — his son's birthday — is for Barry a convenient, all-purpose date. It substitutes in Dave Barry Slept Here for every important political, social, or technological event in American history. It's Barry's uniquely movable, but singular, "point of departure" — easy to remember and, for him, fittingly, happily, and indiscriminately employed wherever, well . . . "the date's demanded."

So why do I invoke it here? It's simply to fix another singularly important birthday in mind, that of my own "point of departure," Movable Type. It's a year old today. It was precisely a year ago today that Ben and Mena Trott released it to the public. Their modest announcement and thanks, to be found here, mark a pair possessed of and powered by Style. I bet old St. Augustine and E. B. White are nodding faithfully in agreement. And more sleepily, old Dave.

 · Happy Birthday! ·

"here Here and EveryWhere," I can hear him snore, "October 8th. Yeah, that was when Galileo, or Gutenberg, or, Huh, Who'd you say? . . ."

You're my kind of guy, Dave!

Happy Birthday all.

And Ben and Mena, my donation's coming.


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