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I discovered today a new weblog, from Minnesota — Wrote.org, a fascinating collection of old newspaper pieces from the Minnetonka Record and other papers. Though materially a century old, it's as fresh, stylistically, as "Yesterday's News Today" (the site's apt description).

Here's a recent entry, from March 11, 1910:


A game of chance in which the chances are about even. The man leads at first, but after leaving the altar he usually follows breathlessly in his wife's trail. The rules are very confusing. If a masked player holds you up some night at the end of a long gun, it is called robbery, and entitles you to telephone the police, but if your wife holds you up for a much larger amount the next morning at the end of a long hug, it is termed diplomacy, and counts in her favor. In this, as in other games of life, wives are usually allowed more privileges than other outlaws. — Judge

Who is this "Judge" I want to know, so crisp of judgment and witty, too? What exactly is he saying? Should I or maybe some grim PC cop detect double-entendre here: a sexy "member of the bar" held up in the morning, or just some Judge? Frankly, I don't know, and don't care — 'cause this guy's got style.

So does Minnetonka's Record. Judge your own local rag by the standard, and weep.


you rascal, you! Quite the play on words, yourSELF!

Posted by clb on October 23, 2002 11:44 AM

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