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I've studiously avoided so far the moniker of choice for my scribble-page here, Blog — short for Weblog, or Web Log, I don't know which.

 · Hey, I'm bloggin' blotto, too ·

Gary Trudeau has given me an excuse, anyway, to leave a particularly tough tree I've been sawing on and thank him personally. Should he ever cruise the timber out this way, I'd throw a (b)log on the fire and pass around the b(l)ottle. (I think of myself as a Logger, of course.) In any case, it feels good — therapeutic even — to see him name my work so. It's so much like his — save, of course, for slight differences in our pay, notoriety, and longevity (but I'm not complaining: I'm in a [b]logger sort of mood today, in word and deed).

If you haven't yet seen Trudeau's new work, check it out, or at least the trace of his now-vanished (b)log-set.

Naturally, G.B.T. has style.


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