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· Christmas Light ·

 · Christmas Light ·

Trees hereabouts mark Christmas all year. They seem to go with the territory. Of course, you seldom see trees decorated save with what you perceive, rain or shine, quite naturally to hang from their boughs. Here hangs, for example, thanks to the miracle of digital technology, the light of the world caught suspended in fir.

Such radiance seemed to deserve sharing today. Of course, those indoor trees around which we may have gathered will all soon enough be put away and, with them, the bright lights that have artificially but happily, I hope, graced your Christmas Day. In any case, I have thought to reflect on how my own web of words — this technology in which we live and move and have our being — may itself be neither so artificial as is sometimes thought nor so ignorable as might still be imagined. For as old St. John has said, the light of the world does in fact hang in there with trees.

In any event, around here it does — and may it do so where you live, too. Merry Christmas!


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