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Funny Cide's showing at Belmont Saturday put me in mind of another, luckier race some years ago at Churchill Downs. Writing in an essay called "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda," a bright student — a Vietnam veteran, quick of wit and wise of word — happily marked his lucky day in this stylish sentence:

I leaned on the rail near the finish line at Churchill Downs and waited for the race to start because I knew the horse I picked would win even though my "sure things" had never finished better than second but "Jeanne's Faith" loved mud and the odds were indeed in her favor and they were off and I yelled "C'mon Jeannie Baby!" and she broke on top with her stiff-legged gait and left the rest of the pack far behind and won going away and a $200 bet would pay $3800 so I took my soggy ticket to the two dollar place window where I collected $11.40 and went to the bar in the clubhouse and ordered a double bourbon.

Last Saturday, Roger Clemens' loss in Chicago put me in mind, too, of the student's point: that our holding even wrong tickets — on Friday the 13th, say — can occasionally make luckless days lucky:

It is easy for us to view the past subjectively [he writes]. Instead let us consider it objectively, as a part of our existence, like rocks and trees, wind and rain. . . . Preoccupation with the past can be a type of slavery, with coulda, woulda, shoulda as overseers. By looking toward the future, the haggard and hopeless coulda, woulda, shoulda fade away, replaced by the three new and untarnished personages, filled with anticipation and hope, of can, will, and shall.

I'm happy to report that bleacher seat I bought in April for Friday's Yankees game in the Bronx now seems right. Even "cheap tickets" can mark Roger Clemens' 300th win.


I need an all round tickets from Dallas to Little Rock can you fine me at less two?

Posted by Crystal on August 27, 2003 07:50 PM

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