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· Brent, In Memoriam ·

Today with friends I marked the sad loss recently of a dear colleague and former student. He was possessed of the gift of poetry and had the added gift of teaching it well, always communicating his love not only of the arts of language to students but the arts of life's own shaping. At his service we heard read "After Apple Picking" and "Birches," two favorite Frost poems. But for me, caught more subtly in the twenty-four lines of one stylish sentence was Brent's own "Fugal Flight":

around the rose
ring and weave
in threads of flight
a cosmos
awash with
petal's color
trailing just behind
spring's redolence
wrapped around the bush
as pivot
for bees'
sweet songs
sung in round,
glancing off,
one another
like a fugue played
from a central line —
when a rose
flashes forth.

You see what all who knew him well can still see in his absence, the rare presence of gifts gone but not forgotten.


A lovely tribute!

For Brent, one hopes there's Internet access in Heaven. For you, much sympathy.

Posted by Mary Lee on November 8, 2003 01:44 PM

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