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I will soon be off to New York. I thought you should know. I should say that style calls me there to don the garb of a word judge — a one-, two-, three-, four-, five-, and (yes) six-word judge, too. Once in Here, Here: Where Have You Been There? you saw me stuck by a "T'ree" when back from New York. Some eight months back, that was.

So now I thought to fess up to the real truth: I meant a T(h)ree! A hard word for me to say then or now, here or there. It has to do with what Dave Blum down on Wall Street calls "a group of folks, some here and some there, who like to talk in one-pulse words." Here is what he says of us (more than just a few, too) in a short piece called "In Praise of Small Words."

May I have a small word with you?

I want to tell you the tale of a group of folks, some here and some there, who like to talk in one-pulse words. There are no more than a few folks so far — a cult, in a way — but you will want to play their game once your hear more. I shall tell this tale in words of one pulse, if I can. So, please bear with me — it will, of course, be short and sweet. Dave Blum, 'In Praise of Small Words,' Floating Off the Page: The Best Stories from The Wall Street Journal's 'Middle Column,' ed. Ken Wells, New York: Simon & Schuster, 2002, 254.

Of course, Blum is a Wall-Street news type — a guy who has no clue that just one word we may all say is "seven" (as we may all say [when in real need of a buck or two or three], one small last word, too: you guessed it, New Jersey).

Well, I'm off on a big jet soon. Your guess is as good as mine where I'll be.


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