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If you've been paying attention, I've been wavering between first and last things here, apparently never quite hitting them solidly. But now, I thought, maybe I should try.

Yet here, alas, I'm somewhat off in my old swing and stance — for opening-day baseball at least. I mean April 1st seems already that day to me, so I'm just waiting foolishly for my real baseball passions to appear.


  • The Yankees and the Devil Rays have already gone overseas to Japan.

  • And some harborview games are being played today in California.

  • Major League Baseball's main web page says Opening Day is the 4th.

  • And here I am, teary-eyed and waiting, foolishly, for the 6th.

 · Play Ball! · So What Kind of Fool Am I?  Welcome, friends, to the Seattle Mariners and their own famed Ancient Mariner, Edgar Martinez.


In one of its many manifestations, baseball is a game that can be enjoyed from near infancy to great old age. So, 'fess up, Styles — What position did you play, where, when, and for how long? We, your loyal readers, hope that somewhere, somehow, you're still at it.

Posted by Huldah Marguerite on April 2, 2004 11:39 AM

My Biographia Literaria? Well, if you insist, but this one is really tricky.

I will admit then to a brief, fun stint at third with the old L. A. Angels (a Little League team of the 1950s). Thereafter my career just tanked. For when coach Henry James (who coined the old phrase "the fields of light"*) told me how Billy Wordsworth could have replaced me even before he was born, I was simply crushed. Although I turned then to the tough task of designated hitting, when Sammy Coleridge came up and finally bumped me (as he may soon bump Seattle's own Ancient Mariner), I just quit.

I mean, with a coach like that, wouldn't you also say, "Nevermore!"

To put it straight, all the players old Hank liked were just "Out of This World."


*The seer and the speaker [Hank said] under the descent of the god is the 'poet,' whatever his form, and he ceases to be one only when his form, whatever else it may nominally or superficially or vulgarly be, is unworthy of the god: in which event, we promptly submit, he isn't worth talking of at all. He becomes so worth it, and the god so adopts him, and so confirms his charming office and name, in the degree in which his impulse and passion are general and comprehensive — a definitional provision for them that makes [grammar wasn't one of coach James's strong suits, was it?] but a mouthful of so minor a distinction, in the fields of light, as that between verse and prose.

Posted by
Styles on April 5, 2004 05:37 PM

My opening in class today (and you can see my "look" on my blog later tonight) noted this day as unique in all of human history: it is the first day marking the confluence of the NCAA championship, opening day of the baseball season — Giants and A's — and the first day of the quarter here at De Anza.

Clearly the sports and language gods conspired to create such an intersection of notable events. And right about now, Bay area sports fans are burning out their remote devices switching between all the games.

Posted by John Lovas on April 5, 2004 06:56 PM

Some guys have all the luck.

Here I am at half time (with Connecticut leading Georgia Tech 41-26) thinking: alas, I'm stuck with but one venue, plus opening day of my own classes.

Styles is just 2 for 3 here.

Posted by Styles on April 5, 2004 07:41 PM

Hoping to find baseball solace this eternally optimistic Mariners fan turned to You Got Style this morning.

Will frustrated callers to postgame gurus be giving their tickets away? Not this season ticket holder, not yet . . . Remember the Oakland A's of 2003? Bad start, postseason finish. Anaheim Angels of 2002 started 4 and 12 (thereabouts) and went on to win the Big Show.

YGS . . . What do you think?

Posted by Grace Meloeny on April 17, 2004 12:05 PM

"Great Scott!" says Styles. "It's Grace again!"

Since you're asking about our Seattle Mariners, know I'm with you. I even saw Scott Spiezio's dinger yesterday while preparing for a home game May 29.

Everyone at YGS, of course, is in for the long haul!

Posted by Styles on April 19, 2004 01:36 PM

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