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I'm resurrecting an old sartorial theme today. Should you recall My Unfashionable "Carlylean" Take on Sartorial Elegance you may wince here at the thought that I'm donning old rhetorical duds again. I'm sorry; I'll try nipping and tucking things today.

But I come by my theme honestly. I mean, I was getting fitted Sunday afternoon for a quite classy, stylish sport coat hereabouts. As you'll likely not see it, I'll just say that it's a Hickey-Freeman bought so cheap that tailoring wasn't included. The thing does need, perhaps, "Carlylean" editing.

Indeed, I just had a chance to say so in a comment posted Sunday at Jocalo's A Writing Teacher's Blog. Conveniently linked there (as "Sartorial Rhetoric") in a follow-up post Monday, Close, Cloze, Clothes, I thought you might like reading it. Its ironic subject is Dressing for Success.


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