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· Two Christmas Letters, in Minor and Major Washington Style ·

We've been busy here with an annual holiday chore, Christmas letter writing. Maybe you have too.

We've been fitting the happenings of a whole year into a short text. It's hard work, especially when in a page your best tricks turn mostly on what's left out, not on what's put in. Since we have said little about our recent offline life, we've thought to share our Christmas letter, one edited each year with that cast of characters you've maybe come to know.

We Stylechoices are of course mostly insubstantial, with some minor Washington-State visibility, celebrity, and reality. So, please, do enjoy our

Season's Greetings

Dear Family and Friends,

Our enclosed photo [our virtual online scanner is unfortunately acting up today] records our most important event of 2004.

On May 29, Suave married Savvy Graceart at our local Lutheran church. After a lovely reception at the nearby Masonic lodge, they honeymooned briefly in the out-of-doors before Savvy graduated, the very next weekend, as an honors University of Washington M.D. After the ceremony, Savvy's parents, Holy and Grail, hosted another reception at their home. So celebrations here have been great.

They began with Suave and Savvy's engagement announcement Valentine's Day weekend. Soon we were busy with showers, shopping, and the usual preparations, all culminating in a Memorial Day weekend none of us will ever forget. Our card surely conveys something of our joy.

Now the newlyweds are working at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota — Savvy as an orthopedic surgery resident and Suave, with much shorter hours, as a foundation grant specialist. He's also taken to improving their house. He's been remodeling since their move last June. Stylish and I visited in July, and Smart and Soulful in November. All approve.

Smart and Soulful are both busy about town. Soulful's fine art show sold out completely in April, clear recognition seconded by an Artist Trust fellowship supporting her continuing development as an emerging local artist. Smart remains, of course, in his same position, with future building projects now under funding consideration. We hope his ambitious plans for improving outdoor exhibit spaces materialize.

We are both teaching and, occasionally, getting out and about — Styles twice to New Jersey for test grading and the two of us, on a grand road trip, happily delivering Suave's Mazda Miata top-down to Minnesota. Afterwards, though, we had to spend the rest of our summer on the floor installing tile in our kitchen and laundry. We are both of us pleased. Do come and see things for yourselves.

Our best to you this Christmas and for the whole new year.

Should you want some major Washington visibility, celebrity, and reality, we can also oblige. For we've just received from Laura Bush what she's recently sent from Crawford, Texas, via London. Since naming her in Home on the Range of Texas Gobbledygook, I've indeed been marked for my stylish democratic patriotism and Christian charity, at least online. So enjoy, more stylishly, from the Southern White House, Howdy Friends! What a year!


Merry Christmas, Styles!

Posted by joanna on December 21, 2004 09:52 AM

What fun! Your missive, however, is more "stylish" than Baker's.

Posted by Aunt Huldah on January 2, 2005 09:33 PM

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