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Recently I have been prompting class rewrites. It's often hard work. I read essays, add needed comments, schedule room conferences, coax reflection, cajole enterprise, and often promise help till the cows come home. Naturally, my work isn't all that formal, since it ambles casually in and out of classroom doors, plops comfortably down in armchairs, and gets done typically in hallways — often, in a rush, in the copyroom. Frankly, it's mostly messy, but I do like it. It has a nice, real-world, naturally "analogue" feel to it.

I was thinking about that word last week. I was chatting with Mike, a twin I have in English 101 now. Dan, his brother, is the better writer — an artist — but Mike has the more charming, digital personality as you might guess. I remember when I guessed right that Mike is a Fedora-Linux fan, and understandably thinks "open-source" means global salvation. Well, last week, when I tried to convince him that 99% of his life was lived in analogue, wouldn't you know he shot back, "Yeah, but I live for the digital."

So for Mike today — and for you, too — I've thought to provide, if not an Insight into writing as yet, at least an InSite into its current marketing.

Do enjoy.


Oh, for goodness sake, Styles. Are you actually buying that stuff? Br'er Bear said it best: "I kin read readin' but I can't read writin'."

Posted by loretta markle on March 6, 2005 06:35 PM

Don't fear — just window-shopping.

Rodeo-Drive boutiques have intrigued me since grad school days in L. A.

Truth be told, I go in more for thrift stores.

Posted by
Styles on March 11, 2005 10:41 PM

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