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At Trope Topic College I've been busy. Indeed, since my last posting here, I've been testing and grading, conferring and advising, editing and recommending. To give you some idea of my work, I thought to share a single scholarship recommendation, a classic form I've had a few chances to perfect. Happily, my student — Jason Artful — made my own work easy.

   To the Trope Topic College Scholarship Committee:

Jason Artful has asked for a recommendation supporting his TTC scholarship application. As his teacher in English 101 last fall, I can happily comply. Jason is a very deserving applicant.

 · Jason's 'Flooded' · Jason combines good sense with personal integrity and, vocationally, very impressive artistic talent. I have just finished reviewing a shared set of CD images that, like three essays I still possess, affirm the conclusion that he works skillfully. In everything, he succeeds, and I would consider his work still more broadly competitive. For I trust he will transfer one day, and with the pride he now takes in OHS carry on our fine traditions at TTC to bigger and better things. I know he has designs on such, already now partly fulfilled in his recent promotion at Starbucks — with whom he wishes to continue working one day in the design department. Goal-setting, I tell my students, is the real deal, and Jason truly is its exemplar.

He is also an exemplar of the steady application of head and heart to class work. His first essays initially fell short of that task in 101, but without batting an eye — and sitting always up front — he learned his lessons, applying himself and coming away, as he wrote in a final bluebook essay, as "a simple, complete, and focused writer." I wish more students would do the same.

In any event, he deserves everything TTC can give him, and your committee clearly has a fair share to offer. I trust Jason won't misspend it.

                                        Yours sincerely,

                                            Styles Stylechoice
                                            Humanities Division

Jason thought that might do the trick, and I concurred. Some few letters do just write themselves. Prompted here by his own well-formed self, Jason's is but a brief, quite colorful, artfully "stylish" example.


Are you kidding? Surely you jest, my good man.

Posted by Aunt Huldah on March 22, 2006 10:09 AM
Posted by Styles on March 22, 2006 05:01 PM

High Styles,

Just got my early Pa Pa's Day present, a nice laptop. The ladies of my house must think well of me!

I was studying your piece on your trip. I have a long way to go to reach the plateau of true writing form. Wanting to write and actually doing it, well, at times it feels like being Beethoven only born deaf with the music trapped inside my head and no way to express it!

Thanks for the help. It's really cool to pick up a piece I wrote several days ago and see the difference compared to recent works. I even like it.

I read my first draft of Visits with Helen (alias, forever, my friend) to my mom and she cried. I had no idea it was that bad.

Steve Hewitt

Posted by steve. hewitt on May 22, 2006 06:49 PM

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