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A week ago tonight I returned safely from my announced Rocky Mountain High I. Having left the consequent circumstances vague, I today thought to clarify them a bit. Fortunately, I need only quote some posts recently shared with a sport-touring group I joined. Happily, they also know me online as Styles.

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My FirST Imperative: GO RIDE!

The TSA guy at SEA-TAC hadn't heard the command as he eyed my gear, likely thinking "terrorist." I assured him I wasn't. My Washington license plate maybe helped: "Ok, off to Denver."

Three days later (with 1689 ground miles behind me) I'd in fact done the deal. I'd taken possession of my new bike. When buying it in February online, I'd stored it in Berthoud with a relative whose son was playing the organ May 5 in Fort Collins, CO. Perfect. "The King of Instruments" meets Honda's ST1100. My attachments just hint at bigger sounds.

My ride? Preaching to the assembled ST choir, divine: 713 miles on my first day (semi-circling Teton NP en route to Bozeman), 563 on my second (to Douglas, WA), and 413 on my third (home). If you've avoided DH1 through North Cascades NP, I suggest a sunny-snowy, copless, twisty Monday in May.

My first impressions? Well, this Honda is fast, smooth, and deceptively quiet — with character aplenty.

I'm also quite happy to be aboard, lurking here no more.

I then answered to a thread called

what do u do for work?

Non-Invasive Brain Surgery

I've spent thirty-five years teaching college . . . philosophy and English.

I think; therefore I ride.

To which a rider aptly named Bones replied:

Cogito ergo zoom.

And I, in Cartesian French,


Fun, huh?


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