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I'm resizing to allow free browsing and annotation.

These are added, "side" takes on style. Starred* links are annotated. Should any section fall short, drop me a line — I'll add suggested links as I can.  If you're stuck for a salutation, my given name is Dale, although I usually go by a more fitting pseudonym, Styles.

Here are my annotated favorites:

  • If you're out for amusement, check out Pootwattle and Smedley. Pootwattle and his virtual critic Smedley have academic cases of verbal diarrhea. Be sure not to miss the site's technical diagnosis.

  • Want all that piled higher and deeper? The Postmodernism Generator delivers "academese" in considerable bulk. Of course, the larger trouble is cleaning out the literary-academic stables.

  • My own site is modest effort in that direction, but a far more extensive one is The Vocabula Review. TVR's enterprising editor is doing truly good work — a must-see.

  • For you logophilics, check out The Word Spy. Editor Paul McFedries looks out for the latest, though not always the best, in phaseology. You'll learn about the concept of "secondary virginity," for example.

  • Care about English usage, style & composition? Some great public-domain texts are available at Bartleby.com/usage, where Strunk, Fowler, Mencken & Quiller-Couch — like Dewey, Cheetham & Howe — deliver briefs in the so-called law of English usage. If they don't please, new works are just a Click (maybe a Clack) away.

  • For a logger like me, there's no more inviting site than Silva Rhetoricae: The Forest of Rhetoric. A rich patch of Old-Growth Wisdom, it's not meant for clear-cutting but for more thoughtful and careful culling. Although at 800x600 or even 1024x768, the pixel-trunks crowd a bit, the site affords one of the greenest, most pleasant views of classical rhetoric online.

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